Sam Lindsay

Barcelona, Spain

Sam's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Sam

My professional background is in Law and Investment Banking. Over the last 5 years, I have been working in business development for social enterprises around the Pacific and South East Asia. My passion is to build business models which impact the world in a positive way. I am especially interested in creative models of social and environmental change. Work is important to me but so is lifestyle. I love to travel, ski, surf and party, when the occasion calls for it :)

I have built a product (with a production team in Singapore) and have 50 celebrity users who have supported the idea. I would now like to join with a like-minded founder who can take care of all technical aspects of the product. We aim to raise a seed round by end 2015.

Requirements: Full-Stack/Rails Developer

Desired Commitment: Hourly (20 hours per week)

Required Skills:
Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, jQuery
Languages: Ruby, JavaScript
Other: Heroku, Amazon S3

I have a Rails website that is complete and ready to launch. I am seeking a co-founder/developer who can fix the final remaining issues preventing us from launching, and who will be able to commit to the project well into the post-launch phase. Current outstanding issues have been thoroughly documented, and many solutions have been identified.

This is a straightforward Rails application that will be easy for an experienced Rails developer to take over. Front-end experience (JavaScript, jQuery) is also necessary.

About Aligned:

Aligned is a marketplace to buy and sell creative solutions to the world's most pressing issues. Creative items include photography, painting, street art, fashion, food, music and sculpture. Each item is working within areas, such as poverty, woman, LGBT rights, sustainability, climate change, healthcare, education, conflict, pollution and deforestation.

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