Samantha Ruiz

New York, New York, US

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Samantha's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations
User Experience

About Samantha

Hi there! I'm Sam. I'm a former agency gal with a passion for travel and love for all things digital.

After spending years in the ad agency world, I decided to move to the ad tech side of the business. While there, my love for data and measurement only grew, however, I quickly realized brands and agencies struggled to find actionable insights inside all of the numbers. I felt that data was being used to manipulate brands into spending money rather than empowering them to reach valuable audiences. After months of grinding on business that I wasn't happy with, I decided to take a break.

I did what every other mid-twenty-something is doing these days and bought a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia so I could go to a coding camp. Yes, I know that most people go to meditation and/or yoga retreats. No, I'm not most people.

While at code camp, my infatuation with the digital world began to border obsession. I was introduced to a whole new layer of the digital world - and I was hooked. My mentor and I worked on project after project and began to ideate what else we could create together.

Cut to one year later. My then-mentor, now-co-founder, has moved from Sydney to NYC where we are prepping to launch the beta of our new startup, Well Travelled. Well Travelled is using data to make travel smarter and create actionable insights for travel brands, sites and blogs.