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I'm looking for ideas and passion to start working together on a company that can grow to immense proportions. 日本にも十年ですから日本語も話します、でも綺麗な日本語はできないです。

I took founders institute business aptitude test for Tokyo course. I got naturally accepted, I doubt they had enough candidates, but the course and advisers only spoke Japanese, and I felt that that was a drag and didn't join. Results of test:

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Your Entrepreneurial Traits
Moderate Openness: You are a generally creative person, often looking for new ideas to optimize your work.
High Conscientiousness: You are someone who is always prepared, dutiful, and never lacks self-discipline.
High Fluid Intelligence: You have a knack for solving problems on the fly and overcoming unexpected challenges.
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I am computer oriented and technical in nature and as such can solve (my self or get it done by others) just about any problems within IT field. My career has widened in recent years from a total nerd developer to an active programmer & manager with valuable lessons taken from real life to make things happen, especially through obstacles, and still not ever quitting my job until a product was complete and satisfactory. I'm also keen on delivering what customers really need and want to thank me for, and it makes me rapidly unhappy when we are diverging from working towards penultimate growth through quality and customer happiness.

I need someone with skills that I lack in with courage to act on them as my co-founder. Aside from that I need someone who shares a driving need to succeed himself and to make the world a better place with our entrepreneurial input; working together on producing and marketing products for niche-markets that we can identify as growing and to take command of them with professional grade continuous long term efforts with monopoly in mind.

If world dominion, empire building, and/or hegemony and similar ideas describe your inner drive then I might consider your ambitions as worthy of my time. If not but you just want to succeed more in life and enjoy working as entrepreneur for your self then contact me.

My IQ is between 125 and 130 (various tests in the past 15 years), which empirically over my career seems to have been always enough to understand and solve most technical problems, and coupled with hard work and focusing over extended periods of time I usually can get things done, even when they start getting a tad complex.

I like deep discussions as well as simple casual chats, and I'm quite friendly even though I try to portray a cool businesslike intelligence while typing this - makes you wonder why when being an entrepreneur we're all scared before we start, shouldn't this be the most natural thing all humans do, to find opportunities and work towards making use of them?


Challenge presumed authority and mental rot, break free, work hard, and succeed! - Sami


University of Eastern Finland

Computer Science

2007 - 2007