Samir Marinez

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Samir's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Samir


We are excited to meet a killer UI/UX designer . We are offering a lifetime opportunity to join a great startup based in a caribbean island where spectacular beaches and the warm weather elevates your imagination and inspires you to build great things.

I am a cool passionate business person with a track record on building a business from scratch. In a nutshell - Fundraiser. Entrepreneur. Seed Capital Investor. Disruptive kind of guy. Environmentally concerned. Windsurfer. Guitar player at night.

I am trying Cofounderlabs to meet passionate and talented people like you who share our vision.

Background: - Raised USD125,000 / Co-invested - Co-invested
Responsible for the Dominican government seed capital fund of the Ministry of Higher Education, Cience & Technology. Currently creating an acceleration fund.
I am responsible for the Startup Support Program at the Ministry of Higher Education
Working closely with Microsoft to start an acceleration program in October 2013
Strong relationship with the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Bank of Development.

Access to the USD1.2M Seed capital Fund for startups built in Dominican Republic.
Member of the Angel Investors Network of the Dominican Republic ENLACES.
Owner of TCT Capital Management a consulting firm - Financial services, Investment, Government Relations and Marketing.

The project:
Loyalty Program app with NFC. We are building the prototype. We need a UX/IU designer to help us to build a great prototype in order to raise funds. With he right business model/ MVP and market validation we have good probabilities to obtain the funds through the angel Investor Network and the Multilateral Investment Fund. We need a cofounder who can help us with UX/UI - Mobile side of the business.

We are two cofounders with Web Development and Business Experience. Worked in several startups and looking to start our own startup.

We look forward to meet our next Rockstar cofounder!


EAE Business School

International Business Management

2007 - 2007

Universidad Iberoamericana

BA Communication

2004 - 2004