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Good businesses have a habit of inspiring people to become what they can only dream of becoming, and I consider investing in people resources an impressive business strategy. To build to this aim, I am on the lookout for industrious, energetic and passionate people who can manage the rigors of initiating a successful start-up. To individuals who can respond beyond the call of duty, I offer you a wealth of industry experience as one of the most consequential voices within the market, the passion of a kingmaker and exceptional innovation.

A surefire business model can often buckle under its own weight, which I why I need pioneers with a visionary thinking, and not followers fettered by the limits of their own vision. To all willing, I bring to the table valuable connections within the industry, a never-say-die attitude and large reserves of personal industry. I have been in the marketing internet industry for over 7 years; enough time to recognize the goldmine that an industry based on interpersonal relationships can actually become. Till date, I have overseen some of the most successful product-driven commercial ventures, spearheaded business divisions with widespread acclaim and even mentored bright, young players in the market. My stint in this industry has taught me one thing – the most complicated machine is as functional as its most basic cog. It is this philosophy that has helped me forge a relationship with some of the best programmers and developers in the circuit today. With the support and the knowhow of a burgeoning dev community, and concrete investment platforms from some of the most trusted investment sources in the market, I am confident of a trailblazing record of success. With the right product promotion and tie-ups with social media, great leverage from internet product placement and increased visibility garnered from online social hubs, I am confident that our venture can reap in the benefits within a few days of operation. Once the core business model is stabilized, we will foray into the various forms of software development, multiple-platform compatible software suites and of course, development of direct marketing applications. As a partner, you will be expected to bring your core skillsets and valuable insight into making this business smarter, leaner and more efficient.

The business of internet marketing is truly for the people and by the people, and it is very difficult to think of a more important asset than, well, people. And when success stares right back at you, you need like minded people to rise to the occasion and claim the moment. I’d like to think of myself as a people person, with some of the most important skills for leadership, innovative thinking and a spirit of discovery. I invite fellow participants to be my partner in this venture, and take it from strength to strength.