Samiur Rahman

Seattle, Washington, US

Samiur's Skills
Product Management

About Samiur

While working for Amazon North America Retail's Consumer Electronics division, I realized that a program that showed related accessories on an electronic product page (such as lenses for a camera) was being manually configured. I strongly believed that having the accessories automatically picked based on statistics like how often items were bought together as well as the products' attributes would lower costs for the program and even increase the revenue from sales. But since I was a junior engineer at Amazon, getting the project prioritized was an issue. I brought the issue up with the VP of Consumer Electronics, and made a presentation about what the issue was, and how I proposed to solve it. I was given the resources to work on the project as the lead, and created a machine learning solution that could be scaled to other product categories than just Consumer Electronics. Over the following 2 quarters, the profits of this program increased by 75-80%.

Work Experience

Head of Operations at Capital List

Capital Enterprise

July 2013 - December 2016