Sampoorna Basrur

Bengaluru, India

Sampoorna's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Sampoorna

We are bunch of people who are working from last 10 months to change the face of logistics. We have served more than 4000+ customers and now want to scale up. While we are able to manage operations, finance and legal we are in short of a developer.
We are in search of a co founder who is well experienced with backend development(Java,PHP, Python, MySQL, C++ etc) and Rest API.

The one who knows the time and energy which is required to be invested for the startup.We need some who is ready to make, break, make again and have passion to do new things daily. You will find the support of the team which goes to any extent to support your ideas and to see they reach to the end user with the same spirit you build them.

Rather having excuses we believe in lets do it together and give whatever it takes to be ahead and innovative every point of time.