Samrat Gupta

Bengaluru, India

Samrat's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Samrat

I’m a Business Professional with Specialization in Marketing and Strategy. I have 10 years of experience in Building Brands, Marketing Products and Services and Go-To-Market Strategies. I believe that People, Processes and Technology are the key enablers to have a winning product.

Let’s try and make it simple. I’m looking out for my Tech Co-founder who can code really well and passionate about creating new products out of new ideas. But that is not as simple as it sounds. Startups are like Marathons and as Tech Co-founder you are more likely to endure this Marathon just for the love of this game. You need to take the ownership of Product Development, right from coding to deployment at least in the initial phases. As a Tech Co-founder you should have the ability to say NO to your Business Co-founder for the sake of Product Prioritizing and Meeting the Deadlines. Lastly, you need to be Down to earth but Aspirational, Considerate but Zesty, Easy going but Focused.

Someone rightly said, that Startups are like Cyborgs - part Business decisions and part Technical decisions. A startup will not conceived if you remove one part. Both the parts need to work in tandem and understand each other. At times, I can be your biggest admirer or the biggest critic and best part is I will give you the same freedom.

I'm working on an online business opportunity/ idea in the area of FinTech & Insurance. Trust me we are for a niche market and solving a big pain point. The idea is currently on a stealth mode, however would love to discuss and explore it with the right people in person.

Let's talk and hope we find and share a common goal!