Samuel Afolaranmi

Lagos, Nigeria

Samuel's Skills

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Samuel

Samuel is a young Nigerian programmer, serial entrepreneur and self acclaimed computer ninja. LOL.

I love and adore anything computer especially when it comes to computer programming.

An high school graduate, I dedicated my life to learning computer programming so i can create softwares, websites and applications to help better people's lives.

I have worked on little projects like MFM Online Church (Nigeria's First Internet Based Church Service), (an Online Real Estate Listing Service in Nigeria), and many more.

My dream is to change the world through programming and I pray I'm able to achieve that before i die.

To people outside I sound more like an extroverted human being but those closer to me know I'm very introverted.

I like making friends and meeting new people even though i suck at it. I still try my best though.

My most awkward wish is to have a positive impact on each one of the over 7 Billion human beings on this planet earth.

My most fulfilled moment was when i created my first complete web app.

I love challenges and adventures. They help me grow.

I guess that's all.

Nice meeting you though and thanks for reading this all the way through ;)