samuel katabaazi

London, United Kingdom

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Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About samuel

I am waiting to explode on the world scene. With great disruptive and money making ideas. I am looking for advisers, i know that if i have good adviser, then the rest will follow like finance, management team etc.

Most of my ideas serve real problems although they will be solved by technology. But i also understand that Technology is just a tool and not the business. So most of my ideas are business solutions. (on demand solutions, share economy businesses, advertising business model for large audiences especially in stadiums, disruptive business in the security sector, disruptive business idea for the greetings card industry).

I am looking for some one who has contacts with investors, some one who can transform an idea. and i return i am happy to listen, offer 50% equity ( 50% of a big pie is good for me rather than 100% of nothing).

please send me a message if you want to hear more form me. please tell me a little about and what you can bring to the table and i will get back to you as soon ans i can