Jose Torres , Intern

San Diego, California, US

Jose is looking for an internship

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Dates available

From 06/22/2015 to 06/22/2017


Will consider an unpaid internship

Recent accomplishments

I am currently employed by the United States Navy for the period of Aug 14, 2011 to Aug 14, 2016. I have served underway on the majority of the Pacific Theater studying the application and repair of ship-bound electronic hardware, specializing in radar and communication. I have recently supported the founding of one of my associates retail store and two online websites, and intend to follow suit with my own career development.


About Jose

On August 14, 2016 I will transition from active duty military service as a United States Naval Electronics Technician into Civilian Life. I will have The 'Post 9/11 GI Bill' available to dispense for college tuition towards the course of my choosing, and I intend to use it to create a new life as a startup entrepreneur.

I have many possibilities ahead of me and I desire to exploit the most promising career opportunities conceivable upon my departure from the Navy. Additionally, having funded the establishment of an associates retail store has inspired me to venture for my own startup.


Great Lakes

Electronics Technician Radar Technician

- 2011