About SanFranFashion

We are an established cosmetics beauty brand (nail polish) that has sold over 400,000 products since our 2012 launch last year (mostly through in-store buyers, not online). Technical side (website) has since been outsourced , and is underdeveloped. We need a technical director that can build out 4-5 additional ideas that we project will result in as many additional streams of revenue. We provide the business development, funding & vision, you provide technical direction, vision & beauty/fashion related input.

Partner 1: Female, 32 - Vision of the brand, Former Investment Banking Associate in SF, (series 7), worked at start-up & earned $1mil in revenue in 9 months for the company, beauty & fashion enthusiast, has pulse on beauty & fashion industry, manages day to day operations

Partner 2: Male, 45 - Business Developer, Funding, Former Hedge Fund manager, Seen on MSNBC hundreds of times, Former company named fastest growing revenue in the Bay Area- Managed $1Bil in Assets, Fashion Enthusiast, manages sales, funding & business development.

Partner 3: Female, - Technical director for our website, Beauty/Fashion enthusiast, can build out multiple platforms and redesign site, upbeat personality, has a big vision for her future, loves social media, serious entrepreneur

Location: We are located in the financial district in San Francisco.

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