Vlad , Founder

Business Developer

San Francisco, California, US

Vlad is looking for someone to join him/her or to join a startup

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Idea phase

Business plan mapped out

Minimum viable product built

Paying customers

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Business Developer

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Vlad is open to joining a startup

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About Vlad

Proven leadership experience and managing outsource team in India and Philippines, having secured $25k from venture capital firm. Co-founder and CEO of two firms - HBliss.com and Promolta.com, having secured the support of 6 celebrities to participate on Hbliss.

Great at budgeting and marketing, with the added acumen of public speaking skills by presenting to over 7 Investors and during Mar 28, 13 Plug+Play Demo day in front of 100s of people.

Proven knowledge of every aspect of a start up by completing Plug and Play Start Up camp and am able to make things happen fast and cost effective!

Looking for business developers and ideas to work on together and bring these ideas to life.