Andreas Heiberg , Adviser

Engineering, Strategy, User Experience

San Francisco, California, US

Andreas is looking to advise a startup

About Andreas

Adviser experience

Engaged in advising 2 businesses over 1 years

Startup experience

4 startups founded , 2 startups operated , 3 years operating startups

Relevant industries

Technology Ecommerce


Engineering Strategy User Experience

Key accomplishments

Started and maintained my first business since I was 12.

Graduated top of class with 100% GPA on the best gymnasium in my country.

Have forced my self to learn and work everyday since I started in IT at 12.


About Andreas

As a consultant I've worked for many companies in different industries. But no matter the client, my strength is that I keep a holistic overview of the entire product, while I work on the tech I was asked to deliver. This approach will often lead to insights in UX and Product strategy, but first and foremost it improves the quality of my work, as I'm more in tune with the specific business goals.


- 2014