Felice Curcelli, Founder


Engineer, Product Manager

San Jose, California, US

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Marketer Business Developer

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40 hours per week

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Enough to be sole investor (> $15,000)

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Education B2B Services Technology



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Founded 1 startup

About Felice

My background is in managing global engineering teams and Product Management. I have become an expert in cloud and mobile computing and a pioneer of Software-as-a-Service. Through my years I have held positions with large corporations in various management roles and have startup experience as well. My management style is collaborative and always try to build consensus around strategy and roadmaps understanding that my ideas are not necessarily the best all the times. I believe in process-oriented execution and clear objectives, so we can monitor and take corrective actions if things don't go as planned.

My partner and I founded LiberCloud in 2013 with the goal of bringing a fresh perspective on eLearning tools and processes, and allow teachers and students collaborate through richer and more engaging learning experiences. He is sales exec expert in the education market in Italy, and knows the industry there inside out as he was a teacher and school administrator himself for over 15 years.

The sales / marketing strategy was to focus on K-12 schools first, specifically in Italy because of my partner's experience there, and the opportunity that was created by the largest ever EU funding to K-12 schools. My partner is currently actively marketing and selling LiberCloud through a network of certified resellers who have direct relationships with schools administrators. Most sales in the K-12 industry there still occur face-to-face.

That is what I call the opportunistic phase, while the strategic and biggest opportunity is with the business segment initially in the US, and specifically corporate development and training in medium to large companies as well as independent professional trainers. We’d like to bring in a sales/business developer with co-founder status to help us build the sales / marketing team here in the US and execute on the strategy.

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Master in Computer Science.

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