About James

Who are we?

We're driven, diverse, and loving it. Our executive team has an extraordinarily unique set of DNA from a multitude of professional backgrounds like: design, science, law, creative, and technology.

Here's a tidbit. The CEO is a well-connected, veteran start up executive and New York attorney who helped Bigfoot Interactive rise from teensy to buy out. Our Creative Director is a small business marketing guru and self-made UX designer who publishes comics and horror fiction. And the Founder is a beekeeping computer scientist salesman and residential remodeling contractor.

Our advisory board is, I'll dare to say, one of the most exciting ever assembled and includes big wigs from: Netflix, Skype,, Tesla Motors, Google, and Glam Media.

Who are you?

An architect and CTO with the know how to design a development strategy. You're good with junior developers/designers, great with big picture thinking, and best at cranking out pitchable prototypes. We're looking for a partner, not a hire. And to be one of our team, you really need to want it, proven technical skills aside.

Managing People
Product Management