Sander Klieverik

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Sander

AstronomyLive is a new online platform for live streaming astronomical events. We are creating an international telescope network of observatories and individual astronomers around the world. This concept was developed as a result of a single experience generating 150.000 unique visitors for a single broadcast for an astronomical event - a transit of the planet Venus across the solar disk. 

After launching our MVP in March 2015, we were able to attract 22.000+ unique visitors, without any form of promotion from our side. The global interest in this topic results in high media exposure for every event, we have tested so far. The last partial solar eclipse of October 2014 on (general broadcast service) resulted in 2.000.000 million unique viewers for a single broadcast. By our platform setup dedicated towards astronomy both for viewers and broadcasters, we are expecting to reach and attract a much bigger target audience for events like these. Big events take place between 4-6 times a year. Second, there are an average of 50-75 smaller events each year with the possibility to organise live observing sessions, in participation with one of the (hundreds/thousands) organisations connected to the network, creating the possibility of 24/7 live content.

The following individuals are part of the team; Sander Klieverik (me, Dutch: founder, medical doctor), Hawkar Mahmoud (English living in the UK, web developer) and Shririam Sunder (English living in Dubai; web developer). 

I am looking for someone who is interested in joining ‘a team with a great idea’ (that is what we are!), with experience in starting up businesses, knowing where the pitfalls are, how to organise the finance part and knowing how to approach a market, with special interest in online startups. You should be a trustworthy person, without being the lots of words, but no action type.

We are looking for people interested in joining a startup company for the long term and think big.