Sandro Hawke

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

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About Sandro

Tech guy, with a strong vision, trying to put the pieces together and change the world. I want to radically reduce the barriers to entry for social software and put the users back in control. This is currently funded research (at MIT), and I'm exploring paths to sustainable funding perhaps via commercialization.

My concept isn't new, but I now believe it is both practical and urgent: it's that data should have a life of its own, under user control, separate from any particular application or vendor. When I upload my photos and share them with certain friends, that shouldn't require a commitment to some photosharing site and even worse that all my friends use the same site. Similarly, if I "like" something, the fact that I did so should be mine, available to all my apps and my friends' apps, not just Facebook and apps willing to sign up with Facebook. If my family has a wifi scale, its measurements should be under our control, usable in the apps we choose, forever.

This isn't about hating on Facebook (or Withings). It's about all the problems that can only be solved with this kind of technology. It's about all the things we can do with computers when we have a critical mass of users, especially when *everyone* can use the software. We see this with the web and with email -- they reach everywhere in society and transform it. In contrast, things which can only be used by some fragment of society generally remain, in a sense, just toys. The difference is whether it's controlled by one company or is truly open/decentralized, like the Web and email.

I've been working to solve this problem for many years, and I've got the pieces mostly together, including both the technology and business plan components. That is, I know how to decentralize apps in general, and I think I know how to do it in a viable business.

For my background, see or just google me.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


1986 - 1986