Sandy Fischler

Maywood, California, US

Experiential Marketing Director | Event Producer | Event Management | Entrepreneur
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About Sandy

I've been a soloprenuer for 30 years and previously founded a non-profit. I have some basic skills with code, beginner level RoR and PHP. Passing familiarity with CSS and HTML. So, I can get a prototype up and running but I'll need someone else once we need to start building something that scales. I've graduated from The Founder Institute and have a pretty strong grasp of The 4 Steps to the Epiphany, Business Model Generation, and Lean.

What I want is to start a great company that creates value for a lot of people, especially one that helps people achieve their dreams and goals. I'm not a fan of freemium models or anything advertiser sponsored.

Work Experience

Member of the Board of Directors

Fuller Center for Housing of Los Angeles

September 2014 - December 2016