Saneet Jawalkar

Houston, Texas, US

Saneet's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Saneet

I am an Engineer by profession - logical thinking and analytical skills are mundane. I have some prior experience in programming - C#, mySQL, C++. I like the creative essence of brain storming ideas that can solve pain points that I have faced personally (or someone I know has). But Execution, Execution and Execution is where I need someone to bring these ideas to fruition in the shortest possible time. I am looking for a strong technical person with a background and interest in web-design/development. I have been outsourcing some of the development work but I need a local technical team. The Cofounder I am looking for should have a strong work ethic and integrity, and should be resilient enough to weather the ups and downs of a startups journey. He/She should have a knack of getting things done and the tenacity to drill through tough technical challenges. So, if you think you have the passion to build something amazing then lets get together and kick some ass.


The University of Texas at Austin

Master's in Mechanical Engineering

2007 - 2007