Sanjay Mahadi

Dublin, California, US

IoT, smart home and decentralized computing enhusiast
Sanjay's Skills
Product Management

About Sanjay

For the last 20+ years I have been in software applications, products & services for small and large enterprises across various industry domains and startups with current focus on IoT, cloud and learning systems with analytics.
A few years ago I moved away from large enterprises to work for startups in the valley, recently the startup I was working for got acquired and I am still with the company trying to advance the product.

My current interests are in the convergence of Machine to Machine interactions with machine learning and crypto-currencies, I have some ideas that I have been exploring but would love to discuss and share ideas with a like minded person that is more hands-on as well as a thought partner that can lead to co-founder later. This is convergence of technologies is already revolutionizing the smart home market but nothing exists today that match up to the possibilities with the current technologies. I am very positive that this will be the future, and the land grab is just beginning to get hot.

So please contact me if you have any interest in this area and you also have been thinking about the same and wanted to share ideas.



The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Albert Einstein