Sanjida Tanny

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Business Development

About Sanjida

Hi This is Sanjida!
A 21 year ambitious girl. I am doing my bachelors on biotechnology right now from BRAC University (Bangladesh).
A science student who aims to set up a biotech-based company/industry in a country like Bangladesh. BTW by biotech I would want to focus more on Genetic Engineering.
My primary project idea is on bio-fuel! Well don't be surprised I am not people's food enemy, I want to remove the focus of biofuel from plants to microbes. For this I need a mate who will work with me on industrial research and should have a good grasp on biotech too, someone who is equally ambitious and has the ability to be a good friend because if we are running something "together" then we better have ourselves not just committed but respect each other.
I am looking for someone who might have a good industrial outreach so that we can work on experiments and have access to equipments before we present ourselves globally (yes, though I would want the company to be in Bangladesh, I want global involvement in it)