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Product Manager, Programmer, Business Developer

Santa Monica, California, US


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Andrew

In a particular niche, we have been the #1 competition and entertainment content producer in the world (outside of one particular country) for several years. Outside of that country, we dominate most of the world market. Just 2 of us do the work that a typical office of 10-12 people normally do . . . which is NOT smart on our part. We know what we are capable of, in terms of expanding the business. The business has grown substantially, even without us planning it, year by year, non-stop. However, with the right team members, the growth could be much more rapid. We need people who are capable in fields of Event Management, Marketing and Networking, Sponsorship & Sales, and more. Working with us is a UNIQUE opportunity, pioneering new concepts, dominating the entire market, working hands on with World Champion athletes, and more. We are Los Angeles-based, and are ready to work with energetic, creative people. Lots of room to grow and potential in our business, long-term, for top performers.

Product Management
Managing People