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About Santha

► Founder of a start-up: Early stage, self-funded product, which is a new social landscape, an app to help the children of today to equip with the social skills and emotional intelligence. The start-up product, is in active development and in MVP phase. Looking for co-founder in this space.

► Founder of technology and innovation space, that allows kids, youth and adults to come and build different technologies starting from everyday automation to AI assisted learning. This start up is also in prototype phase and looking for advisors who are passionate about future digital age.

► Founder and active participant of the online professional data science group, where we share and discuss about the new developments in the evolving data science field.

----------------------------------------------Work Experience-----------------------------------------------
I am a multitalented professional with experience in data engineering, data analysis, database administration, and software engineering.

Recognized as a versatile, dedicated, and highly capable individual, I have a talent for utilizing strong technical abilities to improve operational performance and productivity. I am an expert in lean & agile methodologies am adept at implementing administration standards and practice using Sybase/MS SQL Server/Oracle/MySQL/NoSql.

Career Snapshot:

Over the course of my career I have demonstrated an ability to deliver highly comprehensive master data management, reference data management, hierarchy management, and data mart architecture designs to consolidate data across a wide range of business entities.

My excellent working knowledge of R & Python allied to proficiency in numerous other software applications, including Sybase / MS SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL / NoSql, has given me the technical tools needed to deliver workable and value added business solutions.

In addition to my work experience, my dedication to forging a career as a data scientist can be evidenced by my passionate pursuit of relevant education and training. I have recently completed HBX CORe (Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, & Financial Accounting) from HBX - Harvard Business School. Currently doing a year long course at John Hopkins which is in last stage of working with our Capstone projects.