Marco Zuin , Founder

Business Developer

Santiago, Chile

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Business Developer

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10 hours per week

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Sweat equity only

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B2B Services Technology Media


About Marco

We are looking to expand in LATAM through local partners. is a problem management tool that empowers municipalities through the use of collective intelligence. makes easy to manage the resolution of all the infrastructure problems of a city. It is very similar to a project management tool, like Trello or Asana, and helps to assign problems to different areas of the public administration or external suppliers. It allows keeping control and tracking on every problem, and monitoring the workflow and workloads of every office.
All the information is available in real time on the city map showing areas with more problems or those problems reported more times. These, and more statistics are useful to optimize the use of resources such as budget or manpower.

By the citizens side, provide a mobile app that allowed them to report problems in the public space choosing among a list of more than 80 categories such as ”road, lighting, sidewalk, trash..” and so on…Reports can include pictures, location and more information about the problem. is where the Public Administration meets citizens and helps them work together to make the city a better place.

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