Santokh Saggu

Jamshedpur, India

Explorer , Good Listener , Exploration ,Discovery,Understand and Design Problems,Strong Observer
Santokh's Skills
Problem isolation & analysis
Problem Identification
Behavioral Problems
Analyze Problems
Collaborative Problem Solving
Problem Structuring
Problem Framing
Problem Analysis
Problem Definition
Creative Insights
Insight Generation
Understand & Convey Complex Information
Technical Understanding
Therapeutic Listening
Listening Skills
Design Research
User Experience

Age Group


About Santokh

Ideally I am , an MBA , Master of Brain & Action graduated from the school of life and mentored by the beautiful people of this world encountered during the various events of my life .

Love music and playing guitar.

Practically I am , an Entrepreneur , Innovator , Researcher.

Specialties: Creation,Development,Implementation and management of God gifted internal resources.

Learning Something : Currently Learning to Play Guitar.

About Riasys Technology

Riasys Technology is a Jamshedpur based integrated Research and Design company, actively involved in creating and designing systems ,products and services to make the lives of the entrepreneurs,professionals and non-profressionals easy,comfortable and enchanting. At Riasys Technology our design philosophy uses multidisciplinary fields by combining the Philosyphy of Design,Psychology of Design,Art of Design, Science of Design and Technology of Design.

We love to listen, understand and feel your problems before we share an effective and workable solution in the form of comprehensive systems,products and services.

The solutions we provide not only makes your professional life effective and efficient, but it also gives you the freedom and power to control time.


“Solitude matters, and for some people, it's the air they breathe” - Susan Cain

Work Experience

Co-Founder and Designer

Riasys Technology

May 2000 - Today

Research,Innovation & Design of Hardware and Software products ,Services & Systems.


School of life

Master of Brain and Action

1974 - 2017