Sarah Thompson

San Jose, California, US

Sarah's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Sarah

I'm an all-round engineer with many years of experience in electronic engineering, software engineering and mechanical engineering. I have a Cambridge PhD from the Computer Laboratory, and have spent the last decade working at NASA Ames on a wide variety of projects.

I have an opportunity to spin out some technology developed at NASA and to extend it to comprise a complete next-generation nanosatellite bus, capable of providing the backbone for a new breed of small satellite that has high bandwidth data downlink capability. I'm already well-placed in the sense of having relationships on the NASA side, as well as teaming with an existing approved NASA supplier which will make it possible for the new company to act as a government contractor.

My aim is to be CTO of the company I'm founding -- I'm initially looking to recruit a CEO, then together bring on finance and the rest of the team. We already have some interest from potential angel investors. I'd be particularly interested to talk to prospective management team members (not necessarily just CEO candidates) who would ideally have a background in the space industry and a track record of helping raise VC finance in Silicon Valley. Since this is inevitably a unicorn hunt, I'd also be interested in meeting people with related backgrounds.