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Dijana Druskic

Designer, Marketer, Product Manager

Sarajevo, , Bosnia and Herzegovina


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Dijana

Creativity plays an important role in my private and business life. I see myself as jack-of-all-trades regarding my interests, which further fuels my curiosity and willingness for self-growth both personal and business. In whatever I do, my objective is to expand my knowledge and work for the cause to the best of my abilities. More info on my LinkedIn page.

With my current work at, I'm planning to expand from blog to online publishing, with an idea for a mobile and desktop app similar to my interests. I'm looking for someone to be the business force behind my creative process, but also I'm open to other projects where my abilities could be utilised.


Faculty of political sciences, Sarajevo

BA Journalism

2008 - 2008

Faculty of political sciences, Sarajevo

MA Communicology

2011 - 2011