Sasan Dehghan

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Sasan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Sasan

Career IT Project/Program Management professional (PMP), looking to start a new CleanTech or CleanWeb startup to create sustainable solutions.

Background: I've been managing IT and Software Development projects for 15 years. Did some Help Desk, Software Testing, and Product Management prior to my 15 years of Project/Program Management. I'm also an environmentalist and social activist - to the point that I became vegan 2.5 years ago. Everything in my life is green, because the world needs sustainable practices (environmental and societal) more than anything else right now.

Present: Currently consulting as a Green IT Analyst & Project Manager, implementing energy efficiency projects and sustainable operations practices in the IT world of the US Dept. of Energy.

Looking for one or more dedicated/passionate software developers and one or more like-minded network engineers to work with to start a CleanTech or CleanWeb effort (either traditional for-profit, or social enterprise) to help lower greenhouse gas emissions and improving society. We will create solutions that are: Impactful. Elegant. Appealing. User-friendly. Profitable.


Towson University

Computer Information Systems

1999 - 1999


Project Management Professional