Saurabh Gupta


Irving, Texas, US

Saurabh's Skills
Product Management

About Saurabh

I'm founder of Cohopping. Before Cohopping, I was CTO of engageSPARK where I was responsible for tech strategy of the company and leading a team of 20 engineers. Overall, I have more than 12 years of experience in IT industry working for fortune 500 companies and startups in various capacities.

Cohopping is a new subscription based service that allows business travelers and remote workers to access a work desk instantly anytime, anywhere in our worldwide network of co-working spaces. Cohopping partners with space owners throughout the world and aggregates their underutilized capacity to make it available for instant check-in by any of our members. Our partner spaces include co-working spaces, traditional space owners such as Regus, and mom-and-pop style co-working spaces. Members signup for a membership through Cohopping and instantly gain access to desks worldwide. We have flexible pricing options available for everyone in need of a place to work or meet.

Our mission is to revolutionize the workspace industry through changing the landscape of workplace and implementing proven business models from other industries to create new markets . Our approach of execution is simple: start lean, early, and broad. Validate the market with the live product and real time data and steer the business model as we learn.

We believe in producing concrete deliverable rather than spending months identifying the right business model and customers. We believe in getting customers and revenue from the first day of operations. If this resonates with you, you should definitely give us a call.

We have our business plan ready including internet marketing and social media plan. Currently, we are focused on developing our MVP that will allow business travelers, digital nomads, or remote workers to access office space worldwide with just one low monthly subscription. We started on Jan 1st, have our landing and blog page up, wireframes ready, 40% development done, final design underway.

Our goal is to launch our MVP on April 15th or before. Post launch, we sign as many partners as we can on our platform and have as many visitors on board. And that's where our test phase starts. (This is not a joke :)). This is where you come in. Your role will initially be to engage with partners and customers and increase our signups till we are ready to launch. Once we launch, you will be responsible for the partnership strategy and business development. If you believe that shared economy is the future and commercial real estate is the industry to be in right now, you maybe someone we are looking for. Please don't hesitate to give us a call if you are interested in learning and engaging with us while you can.You can also learn more about us at