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If you're looking for an mid-career [programmer / software engineer / project manager] with a like-minded focus on user-centeric UI/UX design who can help you architect the hell out of your technology then we may be a good fit together.  I'm capable of managing a team with fluctuating time/cost estimates and can integrate my technical plans with your business/marketting savvy.  I specialize in large-volume web applications that require concurrency, incredible speed, and rock solid dependability. 

I am not a designer nor an artist, but I stand out among my technical peers because I understand that quality user-centric interface design leads to excitment in the marketplace.  When I write software I don't just "check-the-requirement-boxes" like other Dorito-munching programmers, I work with the design team to facilitate the user experience.  It's all about the user experience.

Althought I'm a craftsman, I'm no perfectionist.  When "perfection is the enemy of progress" a perfectionist is the last thing you want at a startup.  I will help you bang out iterating minimal viable products to get the product into the users' hands and take repeated objective evaluations of the winds of the market as frequently as possible.  A captain cannot steer a ship by map alone.  He needs helmsmen and crew to call out obstacles.  He needs to be sounding the waters looking for hidden shoals.  It's all a quaint metaphor, but entirely applicable and I've been through it before.

What I'm looking for in a startup is enthusiasm, a great partner, and an opportunity to get really excited about an amazing project.  In the ideal cofounder trifecta I fill the technical role quite well (given the right project) and I am hoping to get teamed up with solid business leaders and a world class design team.  I bring to the table a few connections to the San Francisco Bay Area tech scene, and several business mentors (former colleagues of mine) who are always available paid or unpaid.

If you're looking for ideas for a project I have a few that we can kick around.  If you have ideas that you want to hash out then I'm happy to sign an NDA and walk through them with no strings attached.  I just love talking about this stuff and brainstorming new projects.  There's nothing more exciting (and sometimes terrifying) than the blank page.

Best of luck in all your projects and may the winds of venture capital be steadily in your favor.


Arizona State University

Masters in Software Engineering (MSIT-SE)

2012 - 2012