Scott Bundren


Seattle, Washington, US

Marketing Director at 3 Cents Media
Scott's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Scott

I can envision and execute a product, then monetize it with marketing funnel optimization and growth hacking.

S/W Development Professional: 10+ years coding (Microsoft Corp & 30+ other companies), technical project management, offshoring. I can envision products, write specs, hire dev teams, manage them, ship. I did code previously for 10+ years, currently I think my time is better spent managing the development process from beginning to "end".

Online Marketing: 5 years experience with managing 6 figure monthly online ad budgets and setting up entire campaigns. Personally familiar with most major online ad platforms, designing ads, splash pages, tracking metrics. The goal is to optimize for positive ROI, then carefully scale.

Work Experience


3 Cents Media

March 2010 - December 2016