Scott Davison

San Francisco, California, US

Accomplished Entrepreneur & Executive

About Scott

I've been a Fortune 50 senior operating executive running an organization of close to a thousand employees, and a start-up founder with a team of five. I've run a portfolio of internet brands worth more than $2 billion, and I've helped produce and launch over 300 consumer internet products. I have designed and implemented successful pivot strategies for both start-ups and multi-billion dollar acquisitions. I have a track-record of working well with a wide variety of personalities, from famous media types to academics; Harvard MBA CEO's to nerdy technologists - and everyone in between. I have helped raise more than $40 million in venture funding... in up rounds and down rounds. I've been at the bleeding edge of new technologies and industries for 30 years with some of the most innovative and successful companies in history... and I love working with new companies that have a vision to be the next big thing.

Work Experience


Pilgrim Cove Group

August 2012 - December 2016