Scott Dintelman

Charleston, South Carolina, US

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Starting a company, The Legion of Code. Have a bunch of people offering up a few hours here and there. I'm looking for someone with the time and interest (and similar hatred of the industrial model) to join me.

Work at a large aerospace company as a designer and consultant. Started a bunch of projects there. Looking to get something going outside of the protection of a corporation. My main goal is to actually change the industrial organizational model many tech firms use to get cheap labor. I find these end up yielding crummy software products and really frustrated mid-level to senior employees. Goal is to be a haven for people who would normally freelance.

I am a self-taught front-end developer, UX designer, musician, photographer, videographer. Great with HTML/CSS. Not afraid of JS. I really like Angular and I'm learning Node, although I prefer people problems over technical. Familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite, UX, building brands and most importantly, relationships.

Went to undergrad for business and earned my Masters in Information Management from Washington University in St. Louis, if you're into educational credentials. I find attitude and commitment to be more important than education, although some of these programs do teach you a thing or two.


"The game is infinite." - My take on James Carse's great book, Finite and Infinite Games

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November 2009 - Today

Part consultant and part designer. I helped coach new and seasoned employees on the design and creative process. Ended up working on a ton of different projects: web apps, podcasts, videos, blogs...lots of storytelling.


Washington University in St. Louis

Masters in Information Management

2012 - 2014

Truman State University

Bachelors in Business Administration

2005 - 2009

Co-working Space

My living and dining rooms

2016 - 2016