Scott Dudley

Seattle, Washington, US

Software Engineer at Trad Ventures
Scott's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Scott

I recently concluded 3 years on the board of directors for an arts-centric non-profit in Colorado. During my 3 years on the board, we grew the event by approximately 20% each year and went from 70,000 in savings to 240,000. During my final year, I was elected to the President's seat of an all volunteer organization throwing an off-grid week-long festival at high altitude for over 2000 people. We also granted $50,000 to local artists to create art and bring it to the event. Good times. This experience taught me more about leadership than any corporate job ever could.

Outside of volunteership, I've built my career largely around startups with a heavy dose of gaming industry. I've often been both a software developer and a community manager.

Work Experience

Sr Software Engineer

Trad Ventures

March 2015 - December 2016