Scott Fairbairn


Atlanta, Georgia, US

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About Scott

I've been a technology founder and entrepreneur for almost 30 years, having created both private and public companies on both coasts including Silicon Valley and right here in Atlanta. My specific expertise is the ability to bring leading-edge technology solutions to a raw idea along with creative insight, business strategy, and rapid execution to incubate new ventures - from napkin idea to launch to growth to exit.

Breakthrough ( is our technology venture firm and has a very specific mission: bring award-winning technology, relationships, guidance, and in some cases, financing to new ventures that have potential to turn into multi-million dollar companies. We're not an angel. We're not a VC. We're not going to write you a $250k check. We're the guys that know how to create award winning software solutions from scratch and turn those into businesses.

Right now we're looking for a new challenge to pursue. We're on the hunt for the right combination of partner and idea, market size and potential. If it is the right idea, we can bring the brains, brawn, skills and savvy to transform a raw idea into a state-of-the-art software solution (SaaS preferably); but here's the rub - you have to be able to sell it.

Everything has an opportunity cost. What we care about is trust, ethics, professionalism, market understanding, customer validation and traction, and most importantly your ability to sell the product and generate revenues if we bring it to market. It costs many hundreds of thousands of dollars (sometimes millions) to build and launch great software in this day and age, so we want to pick battles that have a high likelihood of success. We want to invest in highly credible entrepreneurs that know their industry, have existing customers willing to pay for the solution envisioned, and live in the real world.

If you've got that already have the customers, you've validated the need, confirmed the price point, and have a new or existing channel ready to move the solution but lack the guidance, resources, talent, capital and capability to bring the idea to market, then we may very well be the partner you've been looking for, because we can remove those risks from the equation.

Research us. Learn about us. Ask around. We're a very different kind of technology group with a proven track record. If you're a different kind of professional with a track record as well, then we may very well be a match. Let's find out.


You dream it. We build it. - SAF


Georgia Institute of Technology


1988 - 1988