Scott Gallaway

Chicago, Illinois, US

Scott's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Scott

Strengths: Strategy, Marketing, BD/Sales, User-Centered Design
International experience working in Asia

Technical Co-Founder need
I want to create an enduring company (not in an "empire building" kind of way, but meaning the mission is that important). This is not a short-term play to get acquired. This is a long-term play to become the Acquirer.
I have a vision for the payments space as well as the roadmap to capture it. If you have no interest in the crypto space or in consumer finance, then this isn't for you.

As we haven't worked together before, I have designed Step 1 to be a smaller, easier piece of the business. We'll see if we're a good match for the long haul. If Business 1 goes well, we can move forward.

I have access to funding. Maybe even pre-MVP Seed money with the right technical co-founder.

We should discuss location too. It's more difficult to create a cult/mafia culture working remotely, so I'd prefer we give location some thought.