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Scott Klein

New York, United States
Startup stage
Product Management, Technical, Sales, Marketing, Management, Finance
I am one of the Founders/Owners of a company that fits that profile, Student Consulting Group. You can view our websites at and We are a company that is focused on becoming the go-to advocates for student loan borrowers. Currently we assist borrowers with default removal, garnishment removal and many other services that a client may need when it comes to managing the process of their student loans. We have been in business for 4 years, and now having completed the research and develop, operating procedures, performed our services for over 10,000+ paying clients, and have turned a profit every year. we are now confident and ready for growing and scaling our business. We are currently in the Atlanta area, however, the true beauty of our company/program is it can be done in any location since it is all internet based. I personally am looking to relocate to the New York City area very shortly to join my fiancée who moved there earlier this year. My plan is to seek funding and business acumen from someone in the New York area. In the perfect scenario, we’ll be working very closely with the investor, using their knowledge and experience to grow the company.

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