Scott Liang

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Scott's Skills
Product Management

About Scott

Greetings! I'm Scott, designer and co-founder of Place Pixel, and a resident of the Harvard Innovation Lab.

Place Pixel is a mapping application that visualizes how people like (or dislike) the spaces around them. It can be compared to services like Yelp and Foursquare, but goes further, allowing users to express how they feel about anything in space—not just restaurants and other businesses. The magic here is in the design, because “anything” is messy: with Pixel, we’ve managed to make the experience easy, elegant, and enjoyable.

We’ve finished the graphical assets for an MVP and are currently looking for a technical co-founder with chops in Objective-C, mapping, and visualization. Responsibilities include working as part of a team to develop both the front and back ends of an iOS application, occasional participation in our outreach/fund-raising efforts, and enjoying the free food at the Innovation Lab.

Feel free to visit for more information. Thanks!