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Scott McIntyre

MD@COventures.US;;; Chair@Phabriq Development

Perrysburg, United States of America
Startup stage
Business Strategy, Capital Markets, Business Process, Branding & Identity, Business Development, Fundraising, Marketing, Design
Comprehensive work history is best viewed via , but for nearly 20 years my business has been helping advance good ideas, both as a serial entrepreneur and venture catalyst. I am confident that browsing my work history will illustrate that I am generally paddling out in waters far ahead of the wave, which, while gratifying in retrospect, rarely seems as sunny at the time. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and that is a big part of our internship program agenda--to help people with good ideas find the right people to help make them real. It takes a village, as they say. I have affected change in numerous industries, primarily by the application of technology to existing processes, but often simply by bringing people together and helping clarify mission and devise cogent strategies.

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