Sean Donovan

Los Angeles, California, US

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About Sean Donovan

I am honored for the distinction of being an adviser here on CoFounderslab!

As an Executive Level Digital Marketer the point which separates me from others is the ability to market and deliver at the very highest level across the board.

I have had the honor and fortune to work with companies such as,,,, and hundreds of small to mid sized businesses.

I am currently producing 2 movies in development "THINK" The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich and Think and Grow Rich The Movie.

My areas of intimate expertise:

Branding and Brand Development, Video marketing and Production, Website Architecture, Web Design, Wordpress Web Design and Development, Branding and Graphic Design, Virtual Product Development and Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Paid Advertising, Youtube Paid Advertising, Conversion Rate/ Conversion Funnel Optimization, Video Marketing, Video SEO, Google Analytics Qualified Individual, Landing Page Creation and Optimization, Social Media Marketing Strategist, Content Marketing Strategist and Local Business/ Franchise Marketing Strategist.

I feel that my core competency is the ability to create and execute strategically in a way that is second to none. What I have learned about marketing is that everyone thinks they know how to market but unless you have put theories into action time and again, likely you just simply won't have the time or the bandwidth to execute an effective holistic marketing campaign.

My confidence lies in quickly assessing any project and making the critical connection with both the product and the consumer that will buy that product.


Google Analytics Certified Professional