Sean Kammerich


Sacramento, California, US


About Sean

I'm a developer with a great deal of business experience. I've spent the last 5 years learning from startups and I'm ready to make the move to founder. I'm great with business analytics, funnel models, app development, web development, server development and management. I’ve ran digital marketing campaigns that span the globe with targeted localization strategies. I have AWS experience and can bring an idea from concept to reality.
At this point I would expect you to be asking why I’m here with this skill set. Here is the answer. I want a very specific set of requirements fulfilled before I am willing to commit to a project.
The best businesses in the world have an unfair advantage. A convergence of skill sets that when applied lead to an industry leader. I’m specifically looking for a founder with industry contacts and experience. Something fully disparate from the technical world I occupy. Great examples would be manufacturing, finance, insurance, education, government services, etc. The second slightly looser requirement would be a presale. Someone has put money on the line for the product you want to make. This could flex with a satisfactory exception. That’s it. Feel free to contact me and we can begin a discussion.