Sean Rashti

Maywood, California, US

Get up fast, run and keep running.
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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

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About Sean

I'm an overeducated overexcited kid always needing to learn, passionately grow in mind, and I can only do that when I am drowned by the knowledge and knowhow of people much smarter than me. Granted, overwhelm makes me shy, but that is the fruit of humiluty, and that is where I must be always. So join me where the weak go foolishly, where the risks dont factor in the adventure, where the race is between winning and losing, and I promise if we run fast enough, we can cheat the biggest cheater in the world, death, and find the love affairs in the world, a magnificent journey in growth and comradery. Last thing, it's one world but infinite opportunities in success and good favors.


Whats more mortifying than to know you have missed the plum, OR WANT OF COURAGE TO SHAKE THE TREE? - Logan Pearsall Smith

Work Experience

Business Development Officer


February 1996 - December 2016