Sean Usman

Dallas, Texas, US

Founder & CEO
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About Sean

Spent my 20's searching for something in my life trying to meet the high expectations placed on me. In my early 30's I looked successful on the outside but was miserable on the inside. Decided to focus on the search I had given up on years ago, removed everything that was holding me back, and finally arrived at what I was looking for. I can confidently now say that I'm truly happy. Less money and stability but much happier in what I'm doing. Pretty crazy! That's what "normal" people say but I'm not "normal".


Without data you're just another person with an opinion. - W. Edwards Deming

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Founder & CEO


September 2016 - Today

Jollitot bridges the communication gap between parent and child with our smart connected nursery. Our products provide continuous access to essential information allowing parents to better predict and respond to their baby’s needs. In the end making parents’ lives easier and more enjoyable.


Texas Tech University

Mechanical Engineering and MBA

2000 - 2005