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Charlotte, North Carolina, US

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I am an experienced entrepreneur with a successful startup in my past life. I've held executive positions in the Fortune Global 100. I am a member Alumnus of the Advanced Technology Development Center at GA Tech, and previously won some awards from Emory University as a business person local to ATL.

Currently living in Charlotte, I've now been tapped to be one of the first instructors for the business Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness consultancy group spinning out of Google, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, founded by billionaire and Google "Jolly Good" Fellow Meng Tan.

The reason I was chosen is that I have what I am told (by MIT, GA Tech, Stanford, and UCLA) is the world's best logical definitions of human emotions, to include algorithms for tracking and predicting emotions without biosensors. I am already speaking to Google about implementing those, however I have a second idea to repackage this technology in a way that will provide for substantial recurring revenues with the development of a suite of mobile apps and online training programs.

I NEED A DEV AND DESIGNER WHO WILL WORK ON SWEAT EQUITY AND SPLIT THE REVENUES IN PARTNERSHIP. I have no money to invest, and although I could probably raise some, I don't think we need it, nor should we give up the substantial recurring revenues that are likely to roll in.

Basically stated, I have my hands on the best way in the world to teach emotional intelligence via mobile application and online training. If you question the value of emotional intelligence, check out the cover of ON Point from the Harvard Business Review this month. "The Essential Ingredient for Success". It is the hottest topic in executive circles, investment and hedge fund circles, advanced entrepreneur circles, and it is only getting hotter. The app has a huge audience and should sell on a grand scale. Huge affiliate sales opportunities also.

As that I am already involved with the leading group in the world teaching EI and mindfulness, connected with Dan Goleman who actually wrote the book Emotional Intelligence, and Richie Davidson, who is up for a Nobel... I have the clout to launch the app globally and not be laughed at.

Please contact me if working in the field of emotional intelligence and mindfulness training is of interest to you. There are multiple opportunities in multiple verticals with the same content simply repackaged. I like to work smart, not hard.


Florida State University

Media Production: Interactive Media

1995 - 1995

Georgia Tech

Advanced Technology Development Center

2005 - 2005


Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Instructor