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Designer, Product Manager, Programmer

Seattle, Washington, US


About Jay

I currently design for an 80+ billion dollar company in the Seattle area (your guess). I've worked on big "you've heard of them" scale projects my entire career. I've got 8-12 years of experience, and am a swiss-army knife designer (artist + dev, with a side of biz / product savvy). I'd like to stay somewhat anonymous on here.

I'm ready to build something big. I need a parter who is very accomplished in a complimentary discipline (engineer + business whiz preferably). I don't care about pedigree or how wealthy you are. I care about how smart you are and how obsessed with your craft you are.

In addition to knowing their stuff, I need someone who doesn't have an enormous ego. My co-founder should be the type who helps old ladies across the street and is polite to waiters / waitresses. I want to make sure that I partner with someone who will handle success, power, responsibility, and stressful weekend hack sessions with class. I also need someone who has enough backbone to communicate concerns and defuse sticky situations.

Scenario #1: I own product design. You own the money-making scheme. We hire the engineer.

Scenario #2: I own product design. You own the engineering. Together, we're smart enough to figure out the money-making scheme.