Jeff Wright , Adviser

Marketing, Strategy, Sales

Seattle, Washington, US

Jeff is looking to advise a startup

About Jeff

Adviser experience

Engaged in advising 19 businesses over 3 years

Relevant industries

Consumer Products Consulting Healthcare


Marketing Strategy Sales

Key accomplishments

I tripled the size of the agency I worked for in 4 years. I've helped companies grow over 100% in a year. I've helped companies that started with a $10,000 per month advertising budget grow to a $500,000 a month advertising budget in two years. I've helped products that were the "challenger" brand (competing with the P&Gs of the world) become #1 in their category.


About Jeff

I want to make you lots money! I want to show you how to take your product and service, and make lots of money with it. It isn't all about "branding" or "your story". It isn't all about spending a crap load on advertising. Those can be element, but connect with me to figure out how we can make your business grow and make lots of sales!