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Seattle, Washington, US

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Product Management

About Doug

Last year, server manufacturers sold hardware worth US$60 billion. HP, IBM, and Dell own nearly 80% of the market. The architecture? 100% Intel.

ARM chips blaze in the low end of the market. Within 20 feet of you right now are dozens of ARM processors running mobile and control applications. Plucked from cell phones, iPads, and video games and placed into servers in a datacenter, ARM processors promise 10 times the power of a comparable Intel server at 25% the cost.

Staid firms with captive markets run the server industry. We haven't experienced the same innovation in servers as we have for handhelds, desktops, and laptops. Server hardware sold 10 years ago represents the state of the art with only minor, evolutionary improvements.

Help me change this. Together we will up-end the server market andmake the square, boring, rackmount industry sexier than a Wired magazine spread of pre-release MacBooks.

I've been a high-tech entrepreneur for over 15 years. My two successful small businesses: an ISP and a software development shop. I suffered for years at the hands of the server markers. I'm ready to get even!

I met Mark at Carnegie Mellon. He graduated with an EE degree and now designs supercomputers for IBM Research. We're smart guys with a deep understanding of technology and the nuts and bolts of running business and taking care of customers.

You're someone with sales experience who is ready for the next big thing.

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