Rena Cummings , Intern

Seattle, Washington, US

Rena is looking for an internship

About Rena

Can commit to working

20 hours per week

Dates available

From 05/20/2015 to 08/20/2014


Will consider an unpaid internship

Recent accomplishments

I was Project Manager for Mr. Lester Dodson of El Ranchito Restaurant, who needed to update his twenty-year-old tamale making machine from a manual device to an automated machine.
He wanted:
1. simple to operate and maintain as operators had limited education;
2) had to increase production by 45%
3) low-cost to operate.

I performed a time study to determine current levels of production, and then set upgrade goals around these very specific criterions for design modification:
redesigned the machine: increased the diameter of the cylinders and variable-size nozzles, redesigned the pistons and added a hydraulic pump to control the flow of the pistons.

I increase production by 40%, and that was enough to achieve a 55% increase in sales.


About Rena

I would love to learn the process of a start-up company . I would evenually start my own start-up company


City University

MS Technology Management

2014 - 2014