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About Ashwin

I've been wanting to start a startup for a couple years now. While looking for an idea, I realized that craft beer and wine selection in restaurants is really hard today. I want to make it a 5 minute decision at any serious beer/wine restaurant and I'm working on solutions for that.

I worked at Microsoft for 8 years on different Engineering teams. I've been with Windows Phone since the redesign to Windows Phone 7: working on network drivers initially and later on the Bing search experience on the phone. I have a collaborative work style: I did very well at Microsoft because of my ability to find common ground with other teams and spearhead projects. I was in the Windows Phone Leadership Development Program for 2012.

I'm very strong on the technical side and am good at picking up conversations with people to solicit requirements. However, I have no formal business development training. My roadmap for this product is to pilot it at a couple of restaurants in Seattle, before taking investment and going big. I would like a business development cofounder to join me to refine the idea and develop a go to market strategy. Experience in the restaurant industry would be a big plus.